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Earth Month Activities that Rock! - Rowdy Kind

Earth Month Activities that Rock!

Everyday is Earth Day in our books, but there’s nothing like a good theme to share some fun activities to do with the kids!  With Earth Day exactly one week away, why not tackle one of these activities in celebration of Mother Earth?

Plastic Treasure Hunt

A fun (and eye opening) activity for the whole family.  Who can guess the number of plastic items in a room correctly? Place your bets and get hunting! The fun doesn't stop there... get your design hat's ready!

Find the full instructions on Ocean Generation's website here,

OR, skip straight to their entertaining instructional video here.

Log a Litter Pick

Time to go digital!  Do a litter pick, and then log your results on the Kids Against Plastic app. and help contribute to their goal of 1 Million pieces of trash picked!  Have fun comparing your stats with other picks completed all across the UK.

Check it out:

DIY Recycling Bin for your Bathroom!

Us Brits recycle approx. 90% of our kitchen packaging, but only 50% from the bathroom.  Why?  Because there’s no recycling bin in the bog! ... So let’s change that (and have a little fun with the kids while we do!)

All you'll need is a few items you probably already have around the house.


  • a cardboard box, bucket or bin that will fit in your bathroom
  • colored gaffer tape or paint
  • scissors
  • patterned masking tape (optional)
  • markers (optional)
  • stickers (optional)
  • + anything else you have in your craft box


Step 1: Use your colored gaffer tape or paint and cover the outside of your box. Tip: If using a cardboard box, gaffer tape will help to reinforce & waterproof it for a long life of recycling use!

Step 2: It’s time to decorate! Give your little ones total free reign and let them use their imaginations to adorn the box as they like. 

Step 3: Once your kids are done decorating, place the bin in it's new bathroom home. For the first few weeks, keep track of how many items you are now recycling that perhaps you weren't before - that's an Earth Month Win!

Step 4:  Send us a photo of your new Earth Month creation on Instagram @rowdykind so we can show everyone your awesome work!


Not feeling like any extracurricular activities?  Go for a nice walk and just appreciate the wonderful magic that is our Earth!



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