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We invited Kirsten, owner of THE ECO NEWS to the blog to share her favourite Halloween Recycle Crafts - Enjoy!  

Reusing items from our recycling bin is very important (and fun!), it means that the use of the item is stopping it going back into land fill. Here at The Eco News we think its best to reuse materials whenever and wherever you can, and prepping for Halloween is no exception.  

Try making your own decorations this Halloween!

Egg Cup Bats

Items needed: Egg Boxes, Coloured Paint, String, Glue

How to make an egg box bat:
1. Using your scissors cut your egg boxes into bat shapes
2. Paint your bats using your coloured paint
3. Cut the string long enough for your bat to hang from the ceiling
4. Glue your bat to the string and let it dry.

Plant Bottle Monsters

Items needed: Plastic Bottles, Coloured paints, House plants and soil, Black Marker Pen

How to make a plant bottle monsters:
1. Clean your empty plastic bottles
2. Cut the bottles in half, recycle the other half in your recycle bin keeping the bottom of the bottle
3. Paint your bottles Halloween colours
4. Leave them to dry
5. Using your black marker, draw on Halloween faces
6. Fill your plastic bottle with the soil
7. Add your house plant
8. Give the plant a water and watch your Halloween monsters grow hair!

Tissue Ghosts

Items needed: Left over (but clean hehe)Tissues or Napkins, String, Elastic Bands or Hair Band, Black Marker Pen

How to make a ghost:
1. Screw a piece of tissue up into a ball, this makes the ghosts head.
2. Use another tissue and shape this round the head
3. Tie your chosen band round the head to hold the issue on.
4. Use the black marker pen to draw ghost eyes or a ghostly face
The great thing about these ghosts, is the tissue is still usable after you are finished!


Toilet Roll Creatures

Items Needed: Toilet Rolls, Pens and Paint, Pipe Cleaners, Eyes, Coloured Paper

How to make your creatures:
1. Paint your toilet rolls all different colours or cover them in coloured card.
2. Choose different faces for each creature, drawing eyes and a mouth
3. Make hats or ears using the coloured card
4. Add pipe cleaners for legs or whiskers

We hope you like our selection of recycled Halloween crafts; we love to upcycle and reuse our rubbish! Keep the items until next year so you can organise and plan your Halloween Home.

We will have new ideas for next year. 

Happy Spooky Halloween,

The Eco NewsKirsten x


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