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The Anatomy of a Sustainable Stocking - Rowdy Kind

The Anatomy of a Sustainable Stocking

We heard from you that one of the biggest sustainability challenges at Christmas are ... STOCKINGS!  And we agree, especially when we’re talking about kids’ stockings it's quite difficult to avoid all of the plastic tat and excess packaging.  SO, we've made a guide of seven ideas to help guide you through the process of building a perfectly sustainable stocking this year!

1) A Gift that Gives Back

Gifts that give back provide us with the opportunity to have valuable dialogue with our littles about helping others.  There are many great options out there that your kids would love at every price range, here are just a few thought starters:

2) A Used Book

Whether it be a family favourite that’s handed down or personally selected from a used book shop, preloved books are magical and unique.  If your kid is older and has a favourite classical author you could even go on the hunt for something really special like a first edition, OR, Oxfam’s Online Shop even has a section for signed books! 

3) Something Sweet

The perfect stockings always have a little sugar, just make sure to pick a plastic free option!  A classic Toblerone or box of Smarties does the trick in a pinch, or we love Play-in-Choc or Tony’s Chocoloney’s for something special.  Kids’ not into chocolate? No worries, head to your local zero waste store and fill a glass jar with some other sweets.

4) An Experience

The holidays are about spending time together with loved ones, so bring back an old classic - the handmade IOU - featuring a family outing or activity that your kiddo would love to do during the holiday break.

5) A Pre-Loved Toy

Kids go through toys like they go through clothes, at a rapid rate!  Think outside the plastic packaged box and add a preloved item to the stocking: a wooden toy, more tracks for the wooden train set, even a preloved video game - the possibilities are endless when you start to browse through sites like: The Octopus Club, Oxfam, Preloved, and Facebook Marketplace.

6) Something Practical 

Who doesn’t need a new pair of socks? Underwear? Mitts or a hat?  Funnily enough, kids often love these practical stocking items (especially when the socks don their favourite Disney character from the year).

7) Something "Green"

How about introducing a new ‘Eco Swap’ item?!  Whether it be a Rowdy Kind Hair & Everywhere Bar to make bathtime plastic free, a reusable water bottle or lunchbox, or even a bamboo toothbrush  - kids love to make positive changes for the planet!

Hope this helps tacking the challenge of a Sustainable Stocking just a bit easier this year.

Kate & Anne Marie

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