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The #PlasticFreeJuly Challenge - Rowdy Kind

The #PlasticFreeJuly Challenge

Up for a family challenge?  What about giving Plastic Free July a go!

Working together as a family to reduce your plastic waste leads to a lot of fun, problem solving, and great conversation - not to mention a huge sense of accomplishment when your family crushes it!

Going completely plastic free for a whole month is superhero level (unless that’s you Clark Kent!).  If it's your first year participating, we recommend that you eliminate 1-2 single use plastic items your family struggles with, OR, pick a few idea’s from our list below!  

Let the games begin! 

Challenge Ideas for Plastic Free July:

Fresh Fruit & Veg Bags   

We're all in the habit of taking our reusable shopping bags everywhere, but we sometimes fall short on plastic-free alternatives for our fruit and veg!  Try cloth or net produce bags or if you're just buying a few apples skip the plastic bag completely and take them home naked!


Cling Film

Stop clinging to your cling film this month - hide it if you have to, or replace it with an eco alternative like beeswax wrap or reusable containers, aluminum foil or for things that don’t really need sealing in like fruit or veg, drape a dish towel over them!


Plastic Bottled Drinks 

Water, Juice, Soda - it all counts if it’s in a plastic bottle.  Put your Family’s’ names on reusable bottles and make them your only option for the month.  If you do get stuck on the go (we are all human!), opt for purchasing an aluminum can or tetra pack.   


Resealable & Freezer Bags

We know, they are SO handy when packing kids lunches and snacks...  Instead try reusable containers made of aluminium (which are infinitely recyclable) or wrap them in waxed paper. * Tip: Rowdy Kind tins are perfect snack containers!


Liquid Soap & Shampoo

Ditch the bathroom bottles and swap your liquid soaps and shampoos for bars!  Not only is this better for the planet, bar soaps last far longer than liquid so it’s better for your wallet too!  


Kitchen Staples

Look for staples such as salt, sugar, flour, oats, pasta and other items in cardboard packaging. You might need to browse the shelves, but generally you can find what you need without any plastic!


Cleaning Sprays

Don’t Replace - Refill!  Make your Family’s very own DIY cleaning spray.  You won't believe how quick and simple it is (hit up google for a quick recipe).  Not only is it cheap, but being non-toxic even little kids can start cleaning the bathroom or kitchen with it while you have a cuppa… DOUBLE BONUS! 


Paper Towel

Yep, even these come wrapped in plastic. Replace with natural fibre dishcloths and tea towels for the month instead!


Plastic Wrapped Candy

We would never tell anyone to give up chocolate (because let’s be honest, we never would!) Most supermarkets stock brands that are wrapped in cardboard and foil which are plastic free, OR shop the bulk bins (bringing your own plastic free container of course).  *This is a great ‘scavenger hunt’ challenge for the kids.

If your family decides to take the Plastic Free July Challenge, make sure to keep us posted on social media - We would love to cheer you on!


Plastic Free July is a key initiative of the Plastic Free Foundation and is now one of the most influential environmental campaigns in the world. Millions of people across the globe take part every year, with many committing to reducing plastic pollution far beyond the month of July.   For more tips & tricks, or to sign up for the official challenge visit:

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