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Why we are passionate about pH - Rowdy Kind

Why we are passionate about pH

We make our bars specifically for Kids’ Sensitive Skin.  In order to keep this promise, one of the elements we monitor very closely is the pH level.

Why are we so passionate about the pH level of our bars being exactly right?

Well, skin is your biggest organ (even more so for kids!), like every other organ in our body, skin performs its best within a narrow, ideal environment, especially when it comes to pH.  

The ideal pH for kids’ skin is 5.5, which is slightly acidic. 

When we alter the natural pH level (by introducing elements at a different pH), it causes a breakdown of the skin’s natural barrier: the acid mantle. Because kids’ skin is thinner, doesn’t yet produce protective oils, and is a larger percentage of the body - the impact of an imbalance is greater. *See Kids’ Skin is Special Blog to learn more.

If the pH balance of the skin is too alkaline, the skin tends to be drier and even flaky. If its too acidic, it can appear red, irritated and itchy and you can increase the chances of inflammatory skin conditions such as ezcema.

We make our bath-time bars of high quality ingredients, effective yet gentle cleansers, and pH balanced to 5.5 to ensure your Rowdy Kids’ skin is its best and brightest!

 *Unfortunately, as you can see, this is not the industry standard.

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