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Meet our Inspiring Awesome Award Winners! - Rowdy Kind

Meet our Inspiring Awesome Award Winners!

To launch our new Hair & Everywhere Bar, Orange You Awesome, we decided to host a social media awards show: 'The Awesome Awards' to highlight just how amazing kids are (especially this past year)!  We received SO MANY phenomenal nominations, please meet our 14 inspirational winners:

Meet our Awesome Award Winners

(*Click on winners name to see their full nomination story on Instagram!)

Shanzay (age 6) - Has nearly learned three languages!
Rosie (age 10) - Makes fidget toys for autistic children
Harry, Tilly & Elliott (aged 9, 6, 4) - Are the best kids’ their single mum could ask for.
Arlo (age 4 ) - Is the best big brother ever!
Leo (age 5) - Is a little warrior, always happy despite all of his health challenges.
Lawrence (age 2) - Delivers constant joy, despite his parents having to postpone their BIG DAY!
Jasper (age 3) - Has fully recovered from health issues and is now officially Spiderman!
Nel (age 7) - Is an incredible, smiling foster sister.
George (age 9) - Has raised over 500 pounds for Bee Charities! 
Willow (age 4) - Is the best big sister to her new baby brother.
Elijah (age 4) - In concerned for animal welfare, and keeps them safe by litter picking on his walks.
Andrew (age 10) - Cycled 24 miles off road and raised over £2000 for the National autistic society.
Monty & Quentin (aged 11 & 9) - Are growing their hair to donate to charity.
Asta (age 5 ) - Saved her own money and also crowdfunded so she could buy a litter picker!

Winners were awarded an official Rowdy Kind Certificate of Awesomeness and received the VERY FIRST of the new Orange You Awesome Hair & Everywhere Bar ever made!

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