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THE 2022 Awesome Awards

Kids are amazing and a constant source of inspiration for us at Rowdy Kind.  Let's celebrate their awesome-ness again this year with our SECOND ANNUAL AWESOME AWARDS!

Know a kid that is JUST. PLAIN. AWESOME?

Nominating them for an Awesome Award is as easy as sending us a DM!  Click the social media links below for the contest details announcements!


Each winner will receive:

- 'Orange You Awesome' Hair & Everywhere bar (the namesake of this award show!)

- Our brand new (spoiler alert - they haven't even launched yet) Rowdy Rainbow Bath Bombs

- An official certificate of Awesomeness

Check out last years winners, an inspiring group of phenomenal kids that motivated us throughout the whole year!

Cheer them on!

Winners will be announced daily on social media @rowdykind, make sure to follow along and cheer them on!

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