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When our kids told us they needed a new bath product that was better suited to them, and we couldn’t find anything in the market that they liked, we asked them to tell us what they would do if they could make their own soap!  What they told us was surprising:


“Our soap can’t just be good, it has to do good too!”


Our kids are very aware of the mess the world is in, and they wanted to make sure their bath product made it cleaner, not dirtier.  They were adamant that their imaginary soap brand would have no plastic bottles and only ethical manufacturing and ingredients.  So, now ours doesn’t either! 

As we continued these “start-up” type conversations with our “in-house product testers” every night during bath time, we started to realise something even more powerful: bath time gives us a chance to really connect with our kids, unwind and truly listen.    

As important as our product’s environmental and ethical credentials are, we also wanted to use this platform to spread a bigger message: Look what amazing things can come from having conversations with your kids in the bath!

This bonding moment is a powerful one — and something we want to share with others. That’s why, exactly one month after our launch in March 2020, we donated all the profits from our first production run to the Surrey Care Trust to support families in need during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

This was our first ‘Act of Kindness’ as we live our mission of supporting families in connecting with their children — at bath time or any time. 


Buy a bar today to help us fund our next act of kindness. Rowdy Kind Hair & Everywhere Bars



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