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Hello! Rowdy Kind products are now available to purchase exclusively from grüum in the UK. If you'd like to buy, or have any questions about your Rowdy Kind subscription, please visit grüum

Brand Ambassador Search

Interested in becoming an official member of the Rowdy Kind Dream Team?

 Applications for the May - July 2022 term are now OPEN.

First, please help us get to know you a little better! 👇

(scroll down to the bottom to find out the fine details)

The Fine Details


As a member of the team, your role as Brand Ambassador will be to help promote Rowdy Kind by:

  • Providing a minimum of 8-10 high quality photographs/videos per month for Rowdy Kind to utilize on social, website, and in advertising
  • Executing a min. of 2 original content posts & reels per month on your personal profile pages, PLUS 4 re-shares of Rowdy Kind content (to stories or grid) per month.
  • Participating in active yet genuine engagement with Rowdy Kind posts by liking, saving, sharing and commenting

Rowdy Kind’s Role:

In addition to letting you in on everything we have planned and upcoming at Rowdy Kind, being your biggest cheerleader and supporting you through consistent chat in our instagram group.  We will provide you with:

  • 1 New Rowdy Kind Bar per Month to photograph & feature (and then use of course!)
  • A discount of 25% off if you would like to do some additional shopping (for your personal use only)
  • A custom Friends & Family code of: 10% OFF for your followers
  • 3 Month term


As a member of the team, your role as Viral Marketer will be to help support Rowdy Kind by being our biggest cheerleaders!  This entails:

  • Sharing your genuine personal experience of Rowdy Kind with other families by commenting on our social media content that relates to you!
  • Cheering us on by liking, saving, and sharing our social media content.
  • Organic participation in any other social media dialogue that relates (ie other posts, forums, mum groups etc).
  • Must have experience with Rowdy Kind products!
  • Personal photography or posting on your own social media pages is not required.
Rowdy Kind’s Role:

In addition to letting you in on everything we have planned and upcoming  through 'insider's only chat' in our Instagram group.  We will provide you with:

Thanks for your interest!



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