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We're Award Winners!

We are so excited to announce we've won TWO Green Parent Natural Beauty awards! GOLD Children's Shampoo: Orange You A...

My Top Three Tips for Raising Mini Eco Heroes.

We welcomed Kirsty, owner of Eco Made Simple, to the blog to share her experience raising two of her own mini eco heroes. From leading by example and spending quality time in nature, to her favourite eco books for kids - Her top 3 tips are perfect for raising the next generation of conscious kids.

Sustainability Struggles & Solutions - The Bathroom

The bathroom is a room plagued with sustainability challenges. From plastic free  skincare products and toys for a better bathtime, to addressing safe yet sustainable oral care, we dive deep into the kids' bathroom in Part #4 of our Sustainability Struggles & Solutions blog series.

Sustainability Struggles & Solutions - CLOTHES

The fashion industry has a bad reputation when it comes to sustainability. With kids, the term “Fast Fashion” also has a whole other meaning: they also wear out and grow out of their clothes FAST.  In Part #3 of our Sustainability Struggles & Solutions Blog Series, we offer up some solutions to soften the kids' clothing issue.

Sustainability Struggles & Solutions - SNACKS

Finding Plastic Free Snacks are no small feat for families. In Part #2 of this blog series we address this sustainability challenge by offering some solutions to improve your plastic free snack game! From DIY to Buying in Bulk, Plastic Free Produce to a Friendly Bake-A-Thon we ditch the plastic and keep on snacking.

Sustainability Struggles & Solutions - TOYS

We all know that living sustainably is a really big challenge in today's world, but we constantly hear from our Rowdy Kind Families that being sustainable with kids feels darn right impossible at times. And Toys are a MAJOR headache. Whether they come as birthday gifts, with magazines, a trip to the beach, or just every time a grandparent or friend shows up, you all told us loud and clear you want the onslaught of plastic toys to stop!

Our 'Good Folk' Interview with Stellen

"This interview is with Kate & Anne Marie from Rowdy Kind, a plastic-free kids skincare brand. If you are looking for a burst of bath time fun that’s colourful, vegan, made for sensitive skins and handmade, then guess what?! That’s right, Rowdy Kind have got you covered"

Earth Month's Activity in support of Ocean Generation

The month of April is Earth Month, with the better known Earth Day happening on April 22nd each year. Fresh off of vi...

Why we are passionate about pH

We make our bars specifically for Kids’ Sensitive Skin.  In order to keep this promise, one of the elements we monitor very closely in both the development of new products and the regular production of our bars is the pH level.

Earth Month Activities that Rock!

Everyday is Earth Day in our books, but there’s nothing like a good theme to share some fun activities to do with the kids!  

Making our bars last

We want our bars to last as long as possible when they get to your home.  They're uber-concentrated after all, so they should last forever!  But to make sure you get the absolute best out of them we have a few tips & tricks for you.

Just BYOW (Bring Your Own Water) 💧

We get a lot of questions regarding the performance of our bars:  Will it lather?  Does it perform as well as liquid?  Will it work with my hard water? The answer is very simple:  YES! Rowdy Kind bars are made from the same type of formulation as the liquid versions you’re used to, except they are ‘BYOW’
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