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Making our bars last

We want our bars to last as long as possible when they get to your home.  They're uber-concentrated after all, so they should last forever!  But to make sure you get the absolute best out of them we have a few tips & tricks for you.

Just BYOW (Bring Your Own Water) 💧

We get a lot of questions regarding the performance of our bars:  Will it lather?  Does it perform as well as liquid?  Will it work with my hard water? The answer is very simple:  YES! Rowdy Kind bars are made from the same type of formulation as the liquid versions you’re used to, except they are ‘BYOW’

Use every last bit

Once you've been using them for a bit our bars will get thin, and the nature of the non-palm ingredients we use means they can be a bit brittle and crack.  But don't fear! If your bars are in bits there's a solution - you can melt them at home using just a microwave and get a new bar in no time.

Reduce, Reuse, and Celebrate World Book Day!

It's World Book Day!  Looking for a book to help your Rowdy Kid (or yourself) dig into environmentalism and sustainability?  We've got you covered.  We also have a few ideas about how you can Reduce & Reuse rather than buy new!

Why Rowdy Kind Bars are Worth It

Our bars are plastic free, with amazing ingredients, and contain the same active ingredients as 2x250ml bottles.  And that's not all!

Meet our Inspiring Awesome Award Winners!

To launch our new Hair & Everywhere Bar, Orange You Awesome, we decided to host a social media awards show: 'The ...

Mountains of Bubbles!

We know every kid loves LOADS of bubbles.  Our Bubble Brick is pretty amazing, creating heaps of bubbles using only 1/5th of a brick.  But if you want truly mountainous volumes, here are some tricks to make them drip down the sides of the bath!

Introducing: The Rowdy Kind Awesome Awards

We knew kids were AWESOME, but wowza did they prove it to us over the past year.  We wanted to show them some love, s...

2021 New Year Resolutions

It’s that time of year when we all discuss personal new year's resolutions and goals for the upcoming year, however, this year we’re making resolutions for Rowdy Kind too.  And we thought you'd want to hear what they are, so you can help us and hold us to account to deliver on them!

A Christmas Thank You from Us

  That’s it, we’ve done it.  We’ve just shipped off the final orders for 2020. What a year it’s been! We launched Row...

We just donated £980 in support of Youth Mental Health!

When we started Rowdy Kind it was very important to us to build a Good Company, to be “so much more than just soap” a...

Why we decided not to do Black Friday

I know, it's "a thing".  But we decided it wasn't for us.  We're doing Giving Tuesday instead.
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