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Frequently Asked Questions

We've been getting a lot of questions recently!  Here are the most common, and of course if your question isn't answered here feel free to let us know here so we can answer it for you.



Questions About Our Bars

Why is Rowdy Kind specifically for kids?

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We developed Rowdy Kind specifically for kids that are no longer babies but not quite tweens (age 1+) because they have unique needs that we didn’t feel were being adequately met in the market. These wannabe-grown-ups are becoming independent, and want something they can use themselves and that’s fun — like Hair & Everywhere Bars that smell like candy! Kids in this age group also get more grimy than their baby brothers and sisters, but their skin and hair are still thin and fragile (with less oil than during adolescence). For that reason, we wanted to make a high-quality cleaner that is great at tackling grime, while also being gentle to skin and non-irritating. There are no parabens, PEGs or salfates in our bars, we only use allergen-free scents, and the mildest preservatives.

How long do your bars last?

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We developed our bars with the same volume of "active ingredients" as two bottles of 250ml liquid equivalent.  That means, you know you have the same cleaning power as two bottles of liquids.  We also made sure our bars wouldn't fall apart if they get left in water over night by accident!  The answer to how long do they last is: a really long time!

Are your bars suitable for eczema?

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Everyone's skin is unique, so children with eczema should always follow their doctors' orders first.  If you want to try our bars and you child has eczema we'd suggest trying it on one small area first (for example, one arm or one leg) and making sure they don't have a reaction.

To try and make sure our bars are as gentle as possible we've got no sulfates, use gentle cleansers, and only use allergen-free scents.  

Why are Rowdy Kind bars better for the environment?

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Our bars are better for the environment for three core reasons:  

1) No more plastic bottles! We all know how scary plastic is environmentally and bathroom waste is a big bogeyman — only about 50% of recyclable bathroom waste (like your shampoo bottle) in the UK gets recycled!  The rest sadly ends up in landfill.

2) Our bars last longer. Basically, it’s a 2 for 1 trade —  two plastic bottles for one Rowdy Kind bar.  Our bars are hard to waste (unlike a liquid that can be over dosed in a second!) and are designed to be used by kids in the bath so they won't melt away or go goopy.  Makes the choice seem easy as 1-2-plastic-free, right? 

3) Our packaging is as minimal as we can make it.  Our bars are sold and shipped without any outer packaging.  Our box is as small as we can make it, and is both re-usable (take a look at the bottom of the box!) and fully recyclable.  We only use paper to pack our products, and all of it is 100% recyclable too.  

Once the Rowdy Kind tin has finished its duties tubside, it can live a long life housing your kids’ favourite small toys, transporting snacks to school or be fully recycled. When our tin eventually does make it to the bin, it will get remade into new things again and again and again…

How should I store my bar?

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Like any soap, we would suggest letting it dry out between uses on the side of the tub, sink or shower. We like to use the lid of the tin as a soap dish, sitting the bar on top.  If it slips off, turn the lid upside down and put the bar in there — just make sure it’s not full of water before you do! 

Will I need conditioner with a Hair & Everywhere bar?

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Kids with long and tangle-prone hair may find they need conditioner. Rule of thumb: if you need it with a regular liquid hair and body wash, you’ll likely still need one with Rowdy Kind.

What age are your bars suitable for?

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All our bars are suitable for children from 1 year and up.  The NHS recommends that babies are cleaned either with water, or with a small amount of liquid added directly to their water.  We love the NHS, so we agree with them too!  

Sourcing & Ethics

Where are your bars made?

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All our bars are made in the UK by hand. 

Do you test your products on animals?

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Nope, we only test our products on kids — who, to be fair, often behave like animals.

Are your products sulfate free?

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Every product in our range is sulfate free.  Our Bubble Brick contains Sodium Lauryth Sulfocetate.  This is not a sulfate, and is much milder than is in most bubble bricks which use Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.  We're working on getting it substituted for a non-Sodium-ie. version, and will keep you posted.

Are your products palm-free?

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Most of our products are palm free. All our Hair & Everywhere bars are palm free, as is our shampoo and moisturiser.  We're working on a palm-free conditioner (watch this space!) and (a much bigger challenge) a palm-free bubble brick.  We'll keep you posted!

Are your products Vegan?

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Our bars contain no animal products. However, as a newly launched business, we haven’t yet completed the process required to be able to make an official vegan claim or put the vegan symbol on our packaging.  We're working on it!

Stockists & Retail

I'm a Retailer who'd like to buy your bars for my store.

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Fab!  Just go HERE and enter your details on the form.

Where can I buy your bars?

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In addition to on our website, we are currently available at the following shops: 

Yard Market

Fetch'em to the cupboard

Greenwise Grocer


The Clever Cactus

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