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Hello! Rowdy Kind products are now available to purchase exclusively from grüum in the UK. If you'd like to buy, or have any questions about your Rowdy Kind subscription, please visit grüum



Though they may be of the rough-and-tumble variety, kids' skin is sensitive to harsh ingredients. That’s why Rowdy Kind products are made specifically for kids.  

They are made with gentle ingredients at the appropriate pH level so they don't cause irritation. and have no Sulfates, Parabens or PEGs.

To learn more, dive into our

Kids’ Skin is Special blog

Plastic Free

According to WRAP, we produce about 2.4 million tonnes of plastic packaging in the UK — representing a 10% increase over the last 5 years. On top of that, 40% of the plastic waste that goes to landfill comes from our bathrooms. Frankly, that’s just rubbish! 

Kids know that plastic isn't good for the planet, and what goes on their skin shouldn’t add more to the bin. Our children told us that all of our products must be plastic free. Period.

Not just that, but they are also Vegan-friendly, Cruelty Free, Sustainably sourced, and Biodegradable.


To us, creating a product for kids meant making something they can be proud of. And if they think it’s cool, ever better!  

Rowdy Kind products are all Handmade in the UK. We employ vulnerable individuals who need help getting a jump in their career, ensuring that making our bars does good all round.


Much like the tortoise, our bars win the race. Getting good value for money is important to everyone. In addition to our ethics and broader mission, it was important to us that our products also went the distance at bathtime… so we made sure our Hair & Everywhere Bars have as much active ingredients in them as two traditional bottles of liquid 2-in-1.  They’re made up of just the good stuff — never watered down with cheap or synthetic additives.

In addition, we made sure they wouldn't ever get wasted by being tipped down the drain or left to fall apart in a puddle of water - our bars can last hours in a tub and not lose any of their quality.  

There's a few tips to make our bars last

read them here


This was our first ‘Act of Kindness’ as we live our mission of supporting families in connecting with their children — be it at bath time or any other time.

This bonding moment is a powerful one, and something we want to share with others. That’s why, exactly one month after our launch in March 2020, we donated all of the profits from our first production run to the Surrey Care Trust to support families in need during the Covid-19 pandemic.  

This was our first ‘Act of Kindness’ as we live our mission of supporting families in connecting with their children — be it at bath time or any other time.

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