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Very nice conditioner

It works very nicely and is a light conditioner. I have tons of hair and it didn't take to long to work it though it all. Left my hair feeling very soft and a bit more volume than just shampoo alone.

Granddaughter loves them!

I send these over to Switzerland for my granddaughter. She loves all the different colours

Granddaughter loves it

my daughter and granddaughter loved the bath bombs and the body/hair wash - we love the different colours and the handy size of the bath bombs and the plastic free packaging and natural products are amazing

Great value!

They looked perfect to me, so I felt so happy to have them.

Imperfect Bar Lucky Dip
Katie Illingworth
Imperfect bar

Great value for the imperfect bars. I ordered 5 and we received 5 of the plain unperfumed bars. They are just not perfect in shape but work just the same!
I was just a little disappointed we didn’t get more of a mix of different ones.

Excellent Shampoo and Body Wash

The Imperfect Orange Hair and Everywhere bar is perfect for my grandson's bath time. We've been using it for more than a year, and wouldn't wish to be without it.

Great bath bombs

Bought for my three year old, lovely stocking fillers. She likes the range of colours included and it's handy that there are so many in the pack.

Plan Toys Shark Bath Toy
Sam N
Lovely quality

Seems well made and I’m sure will be very popular!

Very pleased with my purchase

Lovely soap dish, perfect size for the soaps in a lovely design.

Rainbow Bath Bombs

My daughter loves these bath bombs.

Naughty or Spice All Wrapped Up Stocking Filler - 10% TO YOUNG MINDS

Naughty or Spice All Wrapped Up Stocking Filler - 10% TO YOUNG MINDS

Plan Toys Dolphin Whistle
Kt Hartless Rose
Amazing toy

We also love the dolphin whistle

Bath bombs and shampoo bar

The bath bombs are great. Big enough to colour the water but not too much to leave a big mess behind! My boys enjoy choosing a colour each to drop in the water. The shampoo bars are brilliant and encourage my kids to clean themselves

Lovely smelling ethical bath bombs

I’d been looking for something affordable and ethical for my daughter’s bath time and came across these and they are great. Plastic, cruelty, palm oil free and non of the usual allergens. My daughter loves choosing them and watching them fizz away in the water. An added bonus is that they sit in a container on the side of the bath tub and make the whole bathroom smell lovely.


Really great conditioner bar. It smells nice. I used too much the first time as I couldn't tell how much was getting on the hair, but I've found just three swipes through my kids hair and a bit of a brush through before rinsing leaves their hair lovely and silky soft. I tried it on my own long, thick and curly hair and it worked alright, I think I might need to use a little bit more to be able to run my brush through easily, it was a bit tangly compared to my liquid conditioner but that will just take a few tries getting the amount right.
So far very happy.

Great bar

It’s a really lovely shampoo and body bar. Lovely smell and no sticky residue. My only “con” is that it didn’t last as long as I’d anticipated and so would be quite expensive to buy every few weeks.

Great bath bombs

The kids love picking from the assortment of colours and their skins seems really soft after a bath. Perfect!


Love it x

LIMITED EDITION Naughty or Spice Hair & Everywhere Bar - 10% to Young Minds
Vicki Pinnock
Christmasy and Sustainable

Love the smell and colours of this and creates a lovely lather :) Also love that there is no packaging as with all the other bars! Really kind to my little boy’s skin which is always a must with bath and hair products (which you can’t always get on nice smelling products!)

LIMITED EDITION Naughty or Spice Hair & Everywhere Bar - 10% to Young Minds
The whole bathroom smells lovely

The naughty or spice bar is my and my son's absolute favourite. The colours are great and the smell is so lovely that I keep sniffing the bar. After his bath the whole bathroom smells so lovely. And the donation to the Young Minds is an added bonus.

Beautiful soaps

Lovely, soft, non drying soap for the kids bodies and hair. Smells amazing, loads of bubbles, lasts forever. Mine has been going for 2 weeks with 2 grubby boys and it’s only about half way through. A delightful way to help on your plastic free journey.

LIMITED EDITION Naughty or Spice Hair & Everywhere Bar - 10% to Young Minds
Love, love, love the all in one bars!

We love the Rowdy Kind all in one bars. We’ve tried 3 so far for my little boy and they are all great. They smell great, clean really well but are very gentle on skin, and they are plastic-free. One bar lasts age. Highly recommend!!

LIMITED EDITION Naughty or Spice Hair & Everywhere Bar - 10% to Young Minds
RA Colburn
Naughty or spice

Lovely shampoo but prefer the orange 😊

Would not recommended

I’m not loving this dish I’m sad to write. The water seems to collect in the base of the dish and not drain through the holes. I think it’s not designed quite right. Sadly my rowdy kind bar is becoming more mushy using the dish than it was when I was just putting it straight into the tin. I am disappointed as it’s not a cheap dish and I researched a lot before hand. Sadly I would not recommend.

Fun great smelling

These are always a sensory treat for the kids at bath time.

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