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Just what we wanted

My daughter has very sensitive skin. We have tried so many products claiming to be suitable but this is the first time we have had success. She loves using the soap bar and it doesn't make her itch.

Silky, nourishing conditioner

Such a beautiful conditioner. Love this for my very curly (prone to frizz hair). Even use it as a curl re-fresh.

Bath Bombs with Young Minds Purchase
Polly Smith
Colourful bath time!

These were great. My daughter loved having bright yellow/green/blue etc baths!

Are you bringing them back please?

Wild and Awesome Kit - Brilliant to try!

Bought this for my two kids 3 + 5 and they love it. The smell is lovely but not over powering and the colours are lovely! We've used it about 5 times and doesn't seem to have shrunk much at all which is great, hope it lasts for ages!

Coco-Nutty Skin Balm
Eleanor Lachab
Lovely stuff

Great balm, after being used to gloopy moisturiser I was a little skeptical. The bar smooths onto warm skin really nicely and doesn’t feel wet. It’s really helped my son who has dry skin.


Fantastic Kids Shampoo Bar!

This bar has been the perfect switch from bottled shampoo to a more eco friendly bar. Both my daughter and sons hair lathers up really well and you don’t need to rub it that much to produce lots of lovely bubbles.

Love this!

So happy we have moved over to these beautiful products. I was nervous as my children have sensitive skin, but they are great for that. Particularly the cocoa moisturiser bar, thank you!

Coco-Nutty Skin Balm
Elizabeth George
Skin so soft and healthy at last!

So I feel like this bar is growing on me every single day. My 2 year old absolutely loves it so huge props there, I can hand it to her for “my turn” with no worry that she is going to spread cream over everything. At first I found the bar really hard to soften or I suppose melt a bit in your hand to feel like your getting any on there skin but I think this is just technic. I am getting more comfortable with how it moves across her skin now and how to work out how much you’ve put on etc. The bonus is how fantastic my daughters skin is. She has always suffered with a form of eczema, and with have used specialist creams every night to deal with it. Even at its best she always would still have a very dry stomach area, with the skin feeling bumpy. I can truly say since using this bar her skin has never felt better and is soft and feels healthy!! We will be sticking with our new found moisturising bar!!!

4 stars is only because part of me wants it to be slightly easier to apply to her skin as find it very solid, however this is also part of the beauty of it as you can so easily hand it to a little one to feel like they are involved. Maybe some more demonstrations type explanation on the site- especially on little baby/ toddler kids where your applying it to them would be useful?

All Wrapped Up Stocking Filler
Sue T
Lovely stocking filler

Lovely stocking filler. The flannel mitten was perfect sized and soft, the soap smelled amazing and looks great and the tin is perfect for keeping the soap in. A great started set. I always pop a flannel and shower product in stockings and with us all trying to help the environment and reduce plastics this set covered that.

Lovely products!

The sensitive hair and everywhere bar is great, but the moisture hexagon is extra fab! Not just for skin but for mixed race curl care 💚

Perfect stocking pressies

My grandchildren loved these and I’m happy to support a small business star making a donation to
a great cause. Win-win-win. Ps big thanks to work for good for the recommendations

Berry best bathtime bundle

My two love them and the clothes that the soaps go in. Great to not be buying plastic. Lather well with the clothes and they so have a great scent. The whole family are current using them and we all think they are great.

Lovely soap

Lovely soap that smells wholesome and cleans my little boy’s hair well.

You're The Bomb - 10% TO YOUNG MINDS
Maaret O
Loving the bathbombs

We whole family love the Rowdy Kind bath bombs (and all the other products too)! After my son's bath, it's a bliss go to the bathroom, that smells just lovely thanks to the bath bombs. And the Naughty or spice -bath and body bar smells even better! My son loves the pink and green colour of this bar. The tin box is just perfect place to store the bath bombs and the amuse-mint bubble bricks.

The Bath Before Christmas
Penny Mcallister
Bath set

I won your competition, and to be honest we LOVE ❤ your products. My son loves crumbling the bar to make bubbles in the bath. The tin with the bar in is amazing. No plastic to throw away. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS 👌

The best for kids' delicate skin!

My daughter (7) suffers with quite dry, itchy skin and it had recently flared up - she said that we should give the bars a go since my shampoo isn't good for her 'delicate skin' (her quote). We've been using this for 2 weeks and her hair looks and smells lovely and her skin is so much clearer and less itchy.
In addition to being so much better for the environment - this is definitely an investment worth making!


I adore this soap, it smells amazing and leaves my wee one’s wild locks silky smooth.

Love it!

Bought the conditioner bar for my little girl who has really long straight hair. It's so easy to use and leaves her hair super soft.
I also use it for my own hair 🙂

Literally a little hair saviour!!

I randomly came across Rowdy one morning on Instagram and given we struggle with my daughters post swim tangles I thought it was worth a shot!! We're so glad we found this bar!! We use it alongside Man-Go With the Flow conditioner bar, which makes her hair super soft.. that said, it's so conditioning alone!! Absolutely our favourite bath product!!

Great shampoo

My kids love this shampoo, easy to use and smells lovely.

All Wrapped Up Stocking Filler
Elaine Waller
Great Products

I bought this for my granddaughter, who suffers from eczema and this bar has helped to soothe and moisturise her skin very quickly. I am also impressed by the fact that I can use it as shampoo, which means that I don’t have to buy a separate product, which helps the environment too. Also, a little goes a long way, especially when used with the wash mitt, which is lovely and soft too. I have now ordered a bar of the conditioner, so that I’m not buying any more bottles and I know that there will be no nasties, such as parabens and palm oil. Terrific value for money and I love the storage tin as well.

Whale whistle

The kids love it!

Rowdy Kind Tin
Claire Adams

I feel that it has helped my children to be more independent. It has not lasted as long as I thought it would as my boys have managed to use most of it all ready. My daughter on the other hand seems to learnt how to use it really quickly.

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