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Best shampoo bars... not just for kids

I love the bar so much, not just for my toddler but for me too!
They lather really well and smell great :)


OK. I admit that I bought this for myself as I both want to eliminate plastic and I love the smell of oranges. Well pleased.

A fabulous set for sensitive skin

My kids react to EVERYTHING that goes in the bath, and my daughter suffers from eczema on her legs that will flare up even with a whiff of something new. I wanted to try this bundle as it had everything in it that we needed. My daughter especially loves the bubble bar as she hasn't been able to have bubbles in her bath for such a long time due to her reacting to it. However, I am very happy to report that we have had no reactions since using the Amuse-mint bubbles. We only break off a tiny bit, and are rewarded with lots of bubbles and blue water. With the amount that we are using, we'll definitely get loads more than 8 baths out it.
My son loves the Wild-Berry hair everywhere bar as he only needs to use the one product for everything!
Myself and my daughter use the Never Knotty shampoo as we both have long wavy hair, and this shampoo completely sorts out the knots. Hurray! However, the ManGo conditioner is my favourite. It smells delicious, and leaves my hair smooth, soft and shiny.
These bars are all going to last a very long time, as since we have been using them, they have barely changed, and will be great to take on holiday etc.
I also find them brilliant to take with us when we go to the swimming baths, as we only need to take two product with us - the Wild Berry hair everywhere bar and the ManGo conditioner - for the after swim shower.
I will be buying these again when we finally run out as I have complete piece of mind in using them on myself and my sensitive skinned kids. Thank you

Head to Toes Starter Kit
Marina Georgiou
Great product

I love these products. It lathers really well, has a lovely fruity fragrance and the formula is good for my little girls sensitive skin. It rinses out quickly unlike liquid shampoo and leaves my toddlers hair with less frizz once dried. It really encourages the curls to form without any extra styling products which is great. It’s not a ‘no tears’ soap which is the only thing, but as it rinses out quickly, it’s less likely to get in eyes.

Yummy smelling soap!

The orange bar is my fave so far. The scent is unbelievably delicious. I also love that the scent stays in my kids hair for days. It’s also very gentle on skin. My 3 year old has sensitive skin and since using Rowdy Kind she has no more bumpy/dry skin. Plus it’s super easy to lather up and use and my kids enjoy using it with the flannel. This is all before mentioning how sustainable Rowdy Kind are and there is no plastic packaging. Highly recommend!

Rowdy Kind Tin
Isabel Bratos
Just what I was looking for

Perfect for the job. The only thing is they are a bit thin snd they are slippery but nothing major.

Great service

Great service. Lovely goods

Gentle on sensitive skin and smells lovely

So glad I tried Rowdy Kind - this soap is gentle on sensitive skin and great for washing hair. My little girl is quite fussy about washing her hair but she much prefers this bar soap to shampoo. I'm now switching to Rowdy Kind products for good!

Amazing! Great product! Love it!

The bar is great and easy to use. It smells amazing and works wonders in our little girls very messy hair. She has really sensitive skin so we are a bit wary changing products we use on her. However the oaty bar has been great and hasn't upset her skin, it leaves it nice and silky and feels moisturised. She also loves using the bar to help wash her little brother. She loves the novelty of the bar. We will definitely be ditching our old shampoo and baby wash and continue to use the oaty bar. We are 100% converted and would highly recommend. Fantastic product and ethos.

Gift With Purchase
Isabel Bratos
Cool bombs my little one loves them but…

It would be nice the packing being more sustainable

Hi Isabel! Thanks so much for your review. Our Bath Bombs are packaged in a type of paper called 'Glassine Paper'. As with all the rest of our packaging It is 100% paper and 100% recyclable in your home recycling. I really hope that helps answer any sustainability questions!

Great products and kind on the skin and scalp

Really pleased with our rowdy kind hair and body wash as well as the moisturiser. Lovely tins to store them in and the products wash all of us and smell great!

Great haven’t used bar yet but service fab

Lovely set

Lovely box presentation, plastic free. My son loves the bubble bath cube, no irritation to the skin and the mit plus soap work well for my tough, rough little boy. Excellent thank you will definitely purchase again

Soft & Gentle Starter Kit
Gillian Connolly
Starter kit

Granddaughters loved it, especially as they each got a washmit. They were delighted with the free gift and couldn't wait to watch the bubbles appear

Good body bar

I have initially ordered the bar for myself due to having sensitive skin. It definitely is great for the body, and will replace my shower gel with it future, but don’t find it as good for washing hair.

Mango bar

Absolutely love it!!! And so to the kids.

Rowdy Kind Tin
Liz Marshall
Lovely shampoo bar

Love the scent of the bar and washes my hair beautifully. As an added bonus my shower room smells lovely too. I got the orange one.

Soft & Gentle Starter Kit
Varuna Mateo Brull
Soap and moisturizer

Its great, although the soup is itchy on his eyes and the moisturizer os Hard to apply

Orange You Awesome Hair & Everywhere Bar
Sally Crouchman Crouchman
Fantastic on eczema prone 4 year old!

My daughter really suffers with eczema but since using this on her from head to toe we’ve only had one nasty bout of eczema - which actually happened after a sleepover where she didn’t use this soap! So pleased we gave it a try, we will be ordering some more soon

Coco-Nutty Skin Balm
Elaine Smith
Smells amazing!

The moisturiser smells gorgeous and it reminds me of happy summer holidays and sunshine. It feels lovely too, its just let down by how difficult it can be to soften and put on. My skin is always pretty cold though so perhaps it's just me

Imperfect Little Naughty Never Knotty Shampoo Bar 78-110g
Sarah Mowat
Imperfect Little Naughty Never Knotty Shampoo Bar 78-110g.

Brilliant idea, so easy for my independent 4 year old daughter to use. We won't use anything else now.

Soft and Gentle kit

My daughter (4) loves this kit! She adores the fact she is able to soap herself with the wash mit and soap and rub herself with the body butter afterwards. Even after a day at forest school, she can get all the mud and grime herself. I like that she can develop that independence without mess all over the bathroom!

The just plain cheeky soap is wonderfully sudsy and the mitt is soft. The cocinutty body butter bar smells divine and her skin is much softer and less dry than previously. It's the perfect match for her sensitive skin and our attempts to use less plastic. (I may even have to order a sneaky extra bar for myself next time 😉).

Thank you Rowdy kind.


This is great, no mess, just pure magical moisture….all in one bar. No packaging, No plastic, fab. My tip would be to rub it on your skin whilst slightly still damp from bath or shower, wrap a huge towel around you, make yourself a brew and chill for 5 mins or so….your towel will smell divine afterwards AND if you pop your towel on radiator to dry the scent will waft around your room. Winner 👍

Good lather, leaves hair silky

Really easy to use. Bigger than a market leading rival. Lathers well, leaves hair clean and silky. Suitable for big kids too!

Smells lovely

Great soaps for the little one tempted to use them too. Really nice on sensitive skin too. I’ll be buying again.

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