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Smells gorgeous!

We love these bars, they smell absolutely wonderful and lather up really well.


Leaves the skin silky smooth, smelling Devine and it’ll last us ages

Made the switch to plastic free

I ordered a starter set for my son, I didn’t really know what to expect but I’m definitely converted. The bath bombs smell AMAZING as does the hair and everywhere bar. My son has long (ish) hair and since using the bar it’s super soft and smells lovely. Keep up the great work!

Really lovely soap and shampoo!

We had two reluctant bathers but their new bathbombs and soap have made a huge difference- we now can’t get them out!!

Seas the Day Hair & Everywhere Bar *10% to Surfers Against Sewage*

Earth Lover Bath Bombs
Sally Crouchman Crouchman
Smell incredible

Just used these for the first time and they smell incredible. My daughter has really sensitive skin and so far we have no problems. Very happy 🌎

Lovely oaty bars

We love the oaty bars, so simple but they feel really luxurious on the skin and wash our boys so well and gently. Highly recommend for all kiddy skin : )

How do they smell so good?

Another amazing product which makes the whole of our upstairs smell lovely when popped in the bath and you can feel happy you are not using any additional plastic

Coco-Nutty Skin Balm
Raquel Hawkins
Great smell but a bit sticky

I really liked the idea of bar moisturiser but I found it a bit sticky, the skin doesn’t absorb it fast.

Smells Amazing

My kids love the bath bombs, they are fun and smell amazing!

Successful trial

We tried two of the shampoo and conditioner bars to see how our daughter would adjust to it, and she just loves it!!

Again another great bar!

This was so gentle and lovely to use! Smells so light and clean. Easy to use and lathers nearly as good as the hair everywhere bar and the knotty hair bar. Loved using them Allthough this one isn't as Easy to use as the others mentioned above its still lovely for sensitive skin.

Smells lush

This one is just as lovely as the hair everywhere bar. I can't find my pics of them when I purchasesd but this is after using 4 times. It's lathers so good and makes my hair feel so soft. My fave ever shampoo bars.

It's so tropical scented.

This lasted me ages and was lovely to use every wash. Doesnt lather but its ok as one rub of this on hands is enough. I never thought the bar would finish and it left my hair silky soft. I used after the hair and everywhere bar.
Ps, the colour is a little off as I stored the mint bath bomb in this tin and ever since it stained the tin.

It smells soooo good

I’d been looking for child friendly bar soap for sustainability and to help give my 5 year old more control and independence. We got the orange one. She loves being able to wash her own hair and body easily and we both LOVE the scent

Super cute.

These smell great and turn the water the colour of the bath bomb which is fab. Kids skin is super smooth after they emerge from a colourful bath and they smell great. Wish the colour was brighter for larger baths but if your running a small one for little ones it’s perfect.

Mini Eco Warrior Starter Kit
Hannah Groombridge

Amazing!!! Great product the children love using them and the mit makes it fun and an easy clean for the children to use. Will absolutely be buying again.

Best smell ever!

I think this may be one of my favourite scents. So fresh. Great size & love the Earth design. So cute and quirky!

Little one was delighted

Loved the colours shape and smell of these bath bombs for Earth day. They fizzed for quite a while to the delight of my 4yo.
Would have given 5 stars but for the small issue we had with her hands turning blue. They eventually rubbed off so it wasn’t a huge problem but a bit annoying after she’d had a bath!

Lovely product

These are great, lovely colours, really nice scent, and my kids love getting to choose colours for their bath.

Great Surprise

Have tried other shampoo bars and conditioner bars and not been impressed, so kept trying new ones. But my kids love the colours and they smell fab, and their skin is so sensitive however this suits them perfectly. A bit pricey but bought a starter pack and love it so think I will go back:)

Oat of Control Hair & Everywhere Bar

Super Shampoo

Smells great, looks great, makes my daughter's hair super shiny and helps it be tangle free. We use with the mango conditioner too. And we bought some tins to keep them all safe for travel.

Just what I needed

I was just thinking I needed somewhere to keep my Rowdy Kind bars and then you produced the solution. Looks great too.

Great stuff

I particularly love the mango conditioner. Super easy to use and the little ones love it too. Some of the shampoos are smelling a bit too strong for little skin, I thought

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