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Earth Month's Activity in support of Ocean Generation - Rowdy Kind

Earth Month's Activity in support of Ocean Generation

The month of April is Earth Month, with the better known Earth Day happening on April 22nd each year. Fresh off of viewing David Attenborough’s latest flick and with the much anticipated Seaspiracy doc about to launch we were inspired to support ocean conservation with a Rowdy Acts of Kindness initiative in celebration.

But what could we do? We had just launched a new product in February (our Orange You Awesome Bar) so we did not have the resources to launch a limited edition charity product like we did during for the holiday season, but we wanted to do something!

After a few customers reached out to us asking us why we don’t offer any soap dishes for our bars, a light bulb went off! Kate had recently come accross a really innovative product from a small US company called a ‘Soap Lift’.  It was made from corn - BINGO - let’s use that!

For the month of April we sold Limited Edition Soap Lift’s and donated £1 for each one sold!

We chose Ocean Generation as our charity.  Their aim is to bring back a healthy balance between the ocean and humanity through their work creating resources for schools and community groups and their drive to educate the public with their award winning documentary and film work.

Thanks to all of our amazing customers who supported this initiative: we donated £200 to Ocean Generation!!!

Look out for more Rowdy Acts of Kindness in the near future, they are only going to get bigger and better as Rowdy Kind continues to grow.

Kate & Anne Marie

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