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Does Rowdy Kind stand the test of tub-time? - Rowdy Kind

Does Rowdy Kind stand the test of tub-time?


As the ‘new guy’ on the scene, we know we have to prove ourselves.  It’s all well and good that we are made specifically for kid’s sensitive skin.  Plastic free, that’s definitely a huge bonus too.  But …..  do we stand the test of tub-time?!?  

Find out how the Rowdy Kind Hair & Everywhere Bar stacked up against a Bottle of the popular liquid 2-in-1.

Round 1 

The competition eye’s each other up, Bottle looks down upon the Hair & Everywhere Bar commenting “I’m the industry leader for a reason” - Bar looks back up and says “for now…”

Round 6




Both competitors are feeling strong.  Bottle is cocky, everyone knows what to expect from it’s performance.  Bar is determined to inspire change, it has incurred some rounded edges but its core is still in great shape




Round 14

Bottle is really starting to sweat … maybe a plastic loofah will help him last longer?!

 Round 17 

After 17 baths, Bar claims a triumphant victory over the 250ml Bottle.  When asked by the media for a comment it proclaims “Who’s next?!  At 60% volume remaining, I’m just getting started!”  


Have we convinced you to ditch the bottle yet?


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