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Eco-Friendly Halloween Activities - Rowdy Kind

Eco-Friendly Halloween Activities

Let’s have a Eco-Friendly Halloween!

Halloween is even more fun when you get ghoul-y with sustainable activities using what we have around the house!
Family & Friends Costume Competition!

Host a costume competition with friends near or far (since we're so used to Zoom). The only rule is you have to use what you already have in the house (no new purchases allowed!)

  • Bring old costumes back from the dead
  • DIY some classics (bed sheet ghosts anyone?)
  • Get crafty (Tie Dye is in right now….)

Need some ideas?

Halloween Trick or Fresh Baked Treat?

Eyeball cake pops, Spider Pizzas, or Frozen Banana Ghosts - get the kid’s involved in making some seriously devilish delights this week!
Bone appetit!

DIY Decorating
Cardboard box tombstones, homemade ghost slime, and toilet roll ghosts. Let’s deck the house with DIY decor this week! So scour the recycling bin, mess drawer, and art supplies for materials and let’s get creepily creative.
Zero Waste your Pumpkin

After the pumpkin has played its traditional doorstep role, give it a second calling! Make a Pumpkin seed snack, DIY bird feeder, or nutritious fall feast for the backyard squirrels - just don’t let it go to waste!

Most importantly, after you're all covered in makeup, glue, glitter and chocolate icing…. Enjoy a good clean-up job, care of Rowdy Kind.


Ps. Don’t feel like doing any of the above - that’s cool too. Get a giggle with these Halloween Puns:
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