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Why bars are best - Rowdy Kind

Why bars are best

There are lots of reasons that our bars are best, for kids and the environment.  Here are our favourites:

  • Saves 2 plastic bottles: Yup, that's right.  Our bars have the same amount of active ingredients as 2 plastic bottles, saving manufacture, shipping, and all the other stuff that goes into making those bottles.
  • Less Water: We all know water is a precious commodity, but not only that it comes direct to your door (or tap!).  Each of those 2 bottles we've saved is actually made of about 80% water!
Which leads us to...
  • Lower CO2: Not shipping the extra water around the country saved CO2 in shipping.  Because one of our bars saves 400g of shipped weight
And then there's...
  • Paper Packaging: Our bars are shipped in the most minimal of packaging, all of which is 100% recyclable in every council in the UK.  Unlike plastic pumps, pouches or coloured plastic bottles which are often un-recyclable.
And one other thing
  • Because our bars are hand made right here in the UK we're providing jobs.  Not just jobs to anyone, our bars are made by vulnerable people who need a leg up, and by getting a job making our bars they are getting skills and experiences to launch the rest of their lives.

So when you buy a bar rather than a bottle you're making a big difference to he planet and people.  

So come on - lets raise the bath bar together!

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