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Eco swap ideas - FOR KIDS! - Rowdy Kind

Eco swap ideas - FOR KIDS!

Have your kids been hearing about Plastic Free July this month and are looking to make some #ecoswaps of their own?

Here are some fun ideas just for them!


  • Pick candies without plastic wrapping


  • Give Reusable water balloons a try!

Either make your own or get some like these from our friends at The Clever Cactus:


  • Lunch box & snack containers are better than resealable bags

*Tip the Rowdy Kind tin’s are perfectly repurposed for snacks on the go!


  • Swap for a bamboo toothbrush (make sure you check the bristles aren't plastic though!)


  • Go cone instead of cup when out for icecream!



  • In the market for a new toy or picking out a gift for an upcoming birthday party? Plastic free toys are more fun for everyone!


And of course, scrub and dub with a Rowdy Kind Hair & Everywhere Bar in the bath!
Each bar lasts as long as two bottles of liquid 2-in-1, so your kids get double eco-swap points!


Have we missed anything?  Let us know!




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