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Yeah, our bars are great — but we also know that for a lot of kids, using a bar is a brand-new experience! Showing them how to use it is something you can do together, though best watch out for those cheeky splashes. Here are the main things you need to know before diving into the plastic-free bathtime game...

What’s the best way to use a Hair & Everywhere Bar?

We realise that using a solid bar soap is a novelty for kids — many have never used one! Here are some suggested techniques: 

The "Take Matters into Your Own Hands”:

        • Let your child pretend to be a grown-up by handing them the bar and say “go for it” — holding the bar in their hand, show them how to foam it up, and rub the foam all over everywhere!  Warning:  this technique often results in excess laughter and imaginary play with the bar, which may result in a shorter bar life (but not too much, because we made them to last!).

The “SpongeBob”

        • Rub the bar against a wet sponge or cloth a couple of times and then use your hands a little to generate a thick, soap-y lather. Then, go at your little stinker with the sponge and the suds will do the rest.

The Sink Side Hustle

        • Our Hair & Everywhere Bars are also game to be handwashing soap, sink side. Simply wet hands, give the bar a rub-a-dub, put it back down, rub your fingers and palms together for 20 seconds (singing ‘Happy Birthday’ is a good impromptu timer) and then rinse! Easy peasy.


WAIT... how do you use a bar to wash hair?

Oh yes, look here liquid shampoo lovers! (Try saying that 10 times fast.) Actually, this is an easy one! Hold the bar in your hand and rub it on the scene of the grime AKA your kid’s wet hair. Then, massage the suds into the hair and scalp with your hands and spread the foam everywhere, rinse as per usual — it really is that simple! 
Want to see how it’s done? No need to get all tangled. Watch here


What about washing "down there"?

Our bars are gentle, but sensitive parts need extra special care.  The NHS recommends that only water be used before puberty, and we do too.  If used as a toy in the water our bars can leave a bit of soapy-cleanser in the water and some girls (and a few boys) can get irritated between their legs from it.  Don't panic, this is likely something called "Vulvitis" and it's caused by soap residues.  This may feel like itching and dryness, or at its worst inflammation and soreness.  You don't need to go back to the bottle - there are a few fixes:
  1. Wash hair at the end of the bath, not the beginning so soap isn't left in the water.
  2. Wipe with a cloth containing only water or rinse off with a little fresh water when you leave the bath
  3. Avoid leaving the bar to float about, instead use it as per the "Sponge Bob" method above and then put it away
If this happens in your house rest assured it will go away very quickly if you take some easy actions, and there is more information from the NHS here.   


How do I store my bar properly between washes?

Like any soap, show your Hair & Everywhere Bar love by letting it dry out between uses on the side of the tub, sink or shower. We like to use the lid of the tin as a soap dish, sitting the bar on top. If it slips off, turn the lid upside down and put the bar in there — just make sure it’s not full of water before you do! 





Got another question?  Check out our FAQ HERE or send us an email! We’re at

Let's raise the bath bar, together!




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