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Mountains of Bubbles! - Rowdy Kind

Mountains of Bubbles!

Want to make our brick last as long as possible?  Have uber hard water and worried about how the bubbles will last?  No water pressure? No problem. Here are a couple of ways you can get UBER UBER loads of bubbles without using loads of product. 

Ben Nevis Bubbles: the Classic

  • Old fashioned drop it in and let it run - works a charm.  Check out the video!

Cairngorm Bubbles: The Sieve

  • Break off about 20% of the brick and crumble it into a metal sieve.  Run the water through the sieve an over the bubble bits until they completely dissolve.  The metal mesh will help the bubbles be fully dissolved and aerated!

Snowdonia Bubbles: Sock It To Them

  • Got some (clean-ish) tights hanging around?  Cut about 8 inches off the end of one, put about 1/5th of the bubble brick in the end of the sock and wrap it over the tap.  Let the water run through the tights to dissolve the brick.  Easy!

Mount Everest Bubbles: the Kidenator

  • Hard mixing is the old chesnut.  Get your kid to stir the bath as it's filling... and keep on stirring until it's done.  Double-benefit: it wears them out before bedtime and keeps them occupied!


Ready to give it a try?

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