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Why we are Kind to Young Minds - Rowdy Kind

Why we are Kind to Young Minds

After 18 months of thinking, working (and being nagged by kids to do it!) we started Rowdy Kind on 1st March 2020. From day one we wanted to stand for three brand promises: Put Kids’ Needs First, Make Doing Better Simpler, and to be a ‘Good Company’ - not that we were 100% sure what that meant, but we knew it was big and important.

Two weeks after our launch, hello COVID

We gave ourselves the weekend to digest what this meant to our theoretical business plan (do we light it on fire?!?).  On Monday we re-convened and decided that we could adjust and still try to make a go of it.  We could still put kids first, and we were still going to make doing better, simpler.  But, we didn’t expect to be challenged so early on how to take action to be a ‘Good Company’ (were we really even a company yet?).  We were bound and determined to ‘walk the walk’ and one month into our business we donated ALL of the profits of our first production run (which we hadn’t even sold yet…)  to the Surrey Care Trust to help support local families.

Since March we have continually adjusted our plans to adapt for the ‘new realities we are all facing, just like all of you have had to continually adjust your work, home and family life. 

Just like you we worried about our kids

How was this impacting them? Will this affect them long term? What about their mental health? We also thought about the families (and kids) who are impacted much more significantly than ours, and need help building back resillience.  We knew we wanted to do something, and we thought you probably did too. We also knew Rowdy Kind could make a more significant impact that we could do on our own.

That’s why we created the Kind to Young Minds Collection.  A limited edition collection in support of YoungMinds - the UK’s leading charity fighting for children and young people's mental health.

With our Kind to Young Minds collection we can do two things together:
  1. Recognise and support a charity that does amazing things to help children and young people’s mental health, especially this year when its been so challenging
  2. Turn the usual Christmas shopping period (hello, Black Friday?!?) into something more meaningful

The collection includes our two bestselling Hair & Everywhere Bars, plus a very special Limited Edition Hair & Everywhere Bar available exclusively in this set and smelling of gingerbread for the Holidays!!! (That’s right… you can only get it if you support the cause).  This collection is perfect for your kids to enjoy for many baths to come OR for spreading the plastic free bath-time cheer with friends and family this holiday season! 

£5 from every collection sold will go to YoungMinds, The pack is only available until 30th November, with the donation being made on December 1st, Giving Tuesday.

Shop the Limited Edition Collection Now

With your help, we're the Rowdy Kind.  Let’s raise the bath bar, together.

And, Merry Christmas

Kate & Anne Marie

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