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Why we decided not to do Black Friday - Rowdy Kind

Why we decided not to do Black Friday

When making our plans for Rowdy Kind we knew Christmas would be really important for us, as a new brand the holidays provide a great time for people  to discover and try something new!  But, we weren’t sure what to do about Black Friday.

Rowdy Kind is about making the world a little kinder, empowering the next generation, and about making doing better, simpler - participating in Black Friday wasn’t going to help us in achieving any of these missions. We wanted to use our small (but growing) voice to spread a bigger, kinder message.   

So, we decided to skip Black Friday.

Instead, we decided to participate in Giving Tuesday,  it’s the Tuesday after Black Friday/Cyber Monday.  Giving Tuesday is a simple idea - a day to encourage people and brands to do good, collaborate, and celebrate generosity after the consumerism of the Black Friday weekend.  This is what matters to us.

We wanted to use our voice to highlight humanism, not consumerism this year.

Shortly after our decision to skip Black Friday, we learned about the youth mental health epidemic in the UK, worsened significantly by the covid pandemic and immediately went to work creating the Kind to Young Minds Collection, in support of YoungMinds - the UK’s leading charity fighting for children and young people's mental health. 

We wanted each donation to be clear- which is why from each pack £5 will go straight to YoungMinds.  And we wanted to make sure it was fun for kids, so we made a brand new bar just for this pack, and made it seasonal - what’s more seasonal than gingerbread?

We can’t wait to make our (your!) donation to YoungMinds this Tuesday, it’s going to feel so much better than having a sale ever could.

Kate & Anne Marie

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