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Just BYOW (Bring Your Own Water) 💧 - Rowdy Kind

Just BYOW (Bring Your Own Water) 💧

We get a lot of questions regarding the performance of our bars:  Will it lather?  Does it perform as well as liquid?  Will it work with my hard water?

The answer is very simple:  YES!

You see, our bars aren’t like the other soap bars you may have tried (in fact, they aren’t even technically “soap”).  To keep it simple, Rowdy Kind bars are made from the same type of formulation as the liquid versions your used to, except they are ‘BYOW’ (bring your own water).   

There are additional benefits to being BYOW:

- NO PLASTIC BOTTLES:   Of course being BYOW allows us to ditch the single use plastic bottles and packaging altogether!

- CO2 IMPACT:  There is a lower CO2 impact as we aren’t shipping water around (most liquids are ~80% water)!

- TRAVEL FRIENDLY:  And let’s not forget those liquid travel limits (remember travelling?)... One day soon this is going to be a huge perk!

So there you have it -  There's really no reason not to give it a go!

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