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Use every last bit - Rowdy Kind

Use every last bit

Once you've been using them for a bit our bars will get thin, and the nature of the non-palm ingredients we use means they can be a bit brittle and crack.

But don't fear! If your bars are in bits there's a solution - you can melt them at home using just a microwave and get a new bar in no time.


  • A microwave-safe jug or cup
  • A spoon
  • An ice cube tray or muffin tin
  • A very small amount of water
What you need

How To

  1. Make sure the bits of bar are about the same size, breaking bigger ones into smaller pieces if needed
  2. Put them in the jug with a few sprinkles of water
  3. Put the jug in the microwave for 30-60 seconds, opening and stirring every 10 seconds.  It will form a runny liquid.
  4. Once all the bits have melted pour it into the muffin tin or ice cube tray
  5. Pop it in the fridge for a couple of hours



Two things to know:

  • This will only work for Hair & Everywhere or our Shampoo bar, don't do it to our other bars
  • The microwave will zap off the panthenol and preservatives in the bars, so use them up quickly and if you have a lot make a few smaller bars and store them in the fridge until you use them

Final Top Tip!

No microwave?  No problem.  Use a "Bain Marie".  Put a heat-proof bowl (glass is often best) over a pan of boiling water.  Make sure the bottom of the bowl is above the water by a centimetre or so.  Melt the bar "pieces" in the bowl.  It will take a bit longer, but you will get there eventually!  Then pour from the bowl into your mould - *carefully* it will be very hot, so use oven mitts!

Hope this helps ensure you don't waste a drop!

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