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Making our bars last - Rowdy Kind

Making our bars last

Three Top Tips to make our bars last & last.

Making your bar last and last is important, because hey... kids are expensive right?!? 

Our bars contain the same volume of active ingredients as 2 x 250ml bottles, but the big difference is that a 250ml bottle is 80%+ water!  So think about how SMALL an amount of the bar you really need for every wash to be using the same amount of "stuff".  It's tiny! 

In fact, it's probably only need about 2g of bar... almost nothing. 

But executing that level of portion control can be hard.  So here are Three Top Tips to keep it under control, and ensure you bar lasts forever.

Tip 1: Use a flannel or wash mitt

  • Using the bar directly on skin will wear more of it off than you really need, just like you wouldn't slop liquid all over your kid (much as they often want to!). Instead make a thick foam by rubbing the bar against the flannel or in your hands and use that to wash.  Using a flannel, wash mitt, or cloth will make it easier to clean all over in one go without using too much

Tip 2: Don't leave it floating (for too long)

  • We know, we know, it's actually fun to use a bar!  But leaving it floating in the tub or using it like a toy will wear it down more quickly.  If you can, try to take the bar out of the tub after using it to wash and put it somewhere to dry.

Tip 3: Dry out between uses

  • Even though unlike other bars it won't fall apart, leaving the bar in a puddle will make it wear out more quickly as the outside will get softer over time.  Try to allow it to fully dry out between uses in the tin or on the side of the tub, on a soap dish, or beside the sink.  If you also shower in your tub, take the bar to a drier part of the room (a window sill, beside the sink or on a shelf)

Things we don't recommend include:

  1. Sisal soap bags: A lot of people like them for hard bars, but the friction from a sisal bag will cause our bar to melt away.  In addition many people end up hanging their soap bags in the shower, and the damp environment causes the bars to go soft and wear faster.
  2. Treating the bar like a toy.  I know, it's super hard not to!  Kids love them!  But when its left floating it will leak a bit of soap into the water, gently using itself up in the bath water.  Not ideal if longevity is your thing.

We know that if you use these tips your bar will last & last!  



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