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Hello! Rowdy Kind products are now available to purchase exclusively from grüum in the UK. If you'd like to buy, or have any questions about your Rowdy Kind subscription, please visit grüum

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Why Rowdy Kind Bars are Worth It - Rowdy Kind

Why Rowdy Kind Bars are Worth It

Yes, our bars cost more than many other kids bathtime products on the market. Let's talk about why!
    • Our bars are handmade in the UK, ensuring local jobs. In fact our bars support employment for vulnerable people recovering from addiction or incarceration to begin a career.
    • Our bestselling Hair & Everywhere Bars are: Palm Oil, Sulfate, Paraben, and PEG free
Did you know? Non-palm ingredients can cost up to 70% more than palm-based ingredients?
    • We think endlessly about kids’ sensitive skin: in addition to our gentle kid-friendly ingredients, Rowdy Kind bars are also PH balanced to kids' skin.
    • Our bars contain allergen-free colours and scents (common eczema triggers)
    • All of our bars contain the same amount of active ingredients as 2 x 250ml bottles of the liquid equivalent. With proper use, they can clean your kiddo for a very long time.
You only need about 2g of our bars to wash your kid! That's how concentrated our bars are.
    • There is NO PLASTIC in the entire Rowdy Kind experience, we’ve worked very hard to find innovative substitutions.
    • Our bars are made to keep up with your kids! They don’t disintegrate when left floating (yes they float) in the tub during bathtime, even if left for hours!

All of this is extremely hard to achieve and is more expensive than mass-produced, lower quality, plastic-encased products. We know Rowdy Kind is not for everyone. But, we can assure you that Value For Money is something we work on EACH AND EVERY DAY!

We really hope you are willing to give us a try to see for yourself. If after two weeks you decide our bars don't scrub up we will happily refund your purchase.

Any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at or @rowdykind on social media.

We would love to hear from you,

~ Kate & Anne Marie

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