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Just Plain Cheeky Hair & Everywhere Bar - Rowdy Kind
Just Plain Cheeky Hair & Everywhere Bar - Rowdy Kind
Just Plain Cheeky Hair & Everywhere Bar - Rowdy Kind
Just Plain Cheeky Hair & Everywhere Bar - Rowdy Kind
Just Plain Cheeky Hair & Everywhere Bar - Rowdy Kind
Load image into Gallery viewer, Just Plain Cheeky Hair & Everywhere Bar - Rowdy Kind
Load image into Gallery viewer, Just Plain Cheeky Hair & Everywhere Bar - Rowdy Kind
Load image into Gallery viewer, Just Plain Cheeky Hair & Everywhere Bar - Rowdy Kind
Load image into Gallery viewer, Just Plain Cheeky Hair & Everywhere Bar - Rowdy Kind
Load image into Gallery viewer, Just Plain Cheeky Hair & Everywhere Bar - Rowdy Kind

Just Plain Cheeky Hair & Everywhere Bar

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Cruelty Free & VeganPalm Freeno sulfates, parabens or PEG

Just Plain Cheeky Hair & Everywhere Bar 85g

Even the cheekiest kids can have sensitive skin. Our extra-gentle Just Plain Cheeky Hair & Everywhere Bar is safe for even the most delicate dermis — washing from top to soft-as-a-baby’s bottom with no colours or fragrances so their unique personalities are all that shine.



Sodium coco isethionate, Stearic Acid, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Theobroma Cocao Seed Butter (Cocoa Butter), Benzyl alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid.

Ingredients Information

What is Sodium Coco Isethionate?

This is a very mild, coconut based cleanser.  It comes in a fine powder to make it easy to combine into our bars.  In the US they call it “baby foam”, which gives you an idea of how wonderful it is!  A little science, but bars need to have two slightly different cleansers to be really good.  So we have this in combination with Cocamidopropyl Betaine.

What is Cocamidopropyl Betaine?

This is a liquid coconut-based cleanser.  It’s known for producing foam quickly, it’s what makes our bars foam up, even thought they’re super gentle.  

What is Stearic Acid?

First thing to say, is our Stearic Acid is certified palm free.  In our bars it does three things – it makes all the ingredients combine together into a smooth solid bar, secondly it helps make them foam up and be fun, and finally it leaves a lovely silky smooth moisturised feel on skin.

What is Benzyl Alcohol and Dehydroacetic Acid?

These are preservatives.  Because our bars have very low pH they need something in them to make sure they don't get any bacteria or other yukkies growing on them in the damp environment of your bathroom.  I know, sounds gross.  We use the mildest preservative possible, certified by COSMOS and EcoCert bodies.  They're both less than 0.9% of the bar.


How to use

How do I use a bar on my kids’ hair?

SUPER easy – but don’t take our word for it, we have a video 😊 .  Have a look HERE.

How do you recommend I use the bars?

The great thing about the bars is you actually can just hand it over to your kid (unlike a liquid where there’s always that risk it’s all going to disappear down the drain!!).  If you want detailed info on how you can use it, have a look HERE.


What makes your bars suitable for kids’ skin?

Because kids’ skin is thinner and less oily than adult skin, we’ve created a bar that won’t disrupt the skin’s natural barriers.  That’s why our bars are using the most gentle of cleansers, coupled with cocoa butter to moisturise skin.   In addition, we’ve chosen ingredients that will maintain a neutral pH – about 6.  Water in the UK is 7-8, skin is 5.5-6.6.  So our bars are matching your kids’ skin as much as possible.  We have a whole bunch more info about kids’ skin HERE.

What age is this suitable for?

Just Plain Cheeky is suitable for kids 1+

Are your bars tear-free?

Well, we’ve done our best to get as close as possible.  There isn’t an agreed test for tear-free (that we know of!).  Most products that are “tear free” make this claim based on the pH of their products being neutral (which we are).  In addition we find that due to lower water content our foam drips down the face less, so its less likely to get in eyes.

What allergens are in your bar?

There is one, which is from the preservative.  It’s called Benzyl Alcohol.  It’s a very rare allergy, so we decided on balance that it was better to have a bar we know will always be great to use, than be 100% allergen free.  

Is there Palm Oil in your bars?  

NO!  We are super proud of this as it was super hard to do!  Every ingredient in our Hair & Everywhere bars is palm free!

Are your bars vegan and cruelty free?  

YES!  Every ingredient in our Hair & Everywhere Bars is vegan 😊 .  All ingredients are sourced in the UK from UK suppliers and therefore there is no animal testing involved.

Why are you not certified as Palm Free/Vegan etc.?

Certification takes time, so rather than make you wait for our bars we wanted to put them out in the world, and then work on certifications.  

What does it mean when you say your bar = two bottles?

We know there’s as much Active Ingredient in our bars as two 250ml bottles of shampoo.  We know this because we commissioned a study, from a scientist, to check.  So our claim isn’t based on whether we used the bar x many times… it’s a scientific FACT!  

What does it mean when you say your bar has no sufates, parabens or PEGs?

We were very careful to select ingredients that we know our customers would want, and screen for ingredients they don’t want.  That meant making bars that were sulfate, paraben and PEG free.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Smells gorgeous and kind to skin

Really like this for the kids. Very easy to use, smells lovely and doesn’t aggravate dry skin.

Loving it!

Bought for my one year old son and I'm so pleased with it. Gets everything out of his hair as he loves to rub his dinner in it most days, really gentle on his skin and easy to use. No tangles at all and his hair is soft and smells lovely and clean afterwards.

Plain but gentle

My 2 year old gets dry patches and I have tried so many soaps, washes and moisturisers I have lost count! I am very happy with the just plain cheeky hair & everywhere bar, it is a nice big bar which I am sure will last for ages, would recommend 100 times over.

A big hit

I've been looking for a non-drying soap so I can ditch the plastic bottles for the whole family and I've now found it! The kids love the berry bar and now we're going to try out the others too. They foam up really well (which lots of eco ones don't) which makes it much easier for the kids to wash themselves and they love that the foam sometimes looks purple! Will definitely keep purchasing.

Fantastic product!

I love how easy bathtime has become with just one bar for everything. My little one enjoys washing his own hair with the hair and everywhere bar and I love how soft it makes his hair. We love the smells of all the hair and everywhere bars and they are great for his sensitive skin too!

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